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Riccardo Muti goes back to jail, bringing message of hope

This is not the first time the maestro has reached out to Chicago’s young offenders, but the message is getting through. Classical music is not just for the rich; it can do good at every social level. Read here.

Warrenville Juvinile Correctional Institute

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  1. … but I’m sure he collected his $200!

    • Pixy Harris says:

      Assuming he did, which I don’t, that is not at all well paid. Muti is not noted for greed, unlike one other maestro of his generation….

  2. R. James Tobin says:


  3. Alan Penner says:

    “Classical music is not just for the rich.”
    It never was.

  4. But jail is for the poor.

    • That’s up to them.

      • Wow. So it’s not just working people whom Mr (?)) “McGuiver” disdains, but poor teenage girls in detention. I’m surprised that there is no protest against these young women receiving any education or culture or being allowed to meet Mr Muti while in detention. If only they lived the exemplary life of “McGuiver”!

  5. As Paul H. Muller’s observation reminds us, there were many poignant aspects to Maestro Muti’s otherwise quite positive and uplifting afternoon with these young people. I was there as well.

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