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Mozart does his bit for the homeless

London’s South Bank is a site where the rich go to hear music and the homeless huddle beneath the building for shelter.

A bunch of artists - Lucy Crowe, Christopher Maltman, Michael Collins and Streetwise Opera – are putting on a a gig to raise money for a homeless charity.

Concert details here. Support in any way you can right here.

mozart homeless

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  1. That’s a disingenuous introduction. You don’t have to be rich to attend a performance on the South Bank. The cause is very good, but let’s not muddy the waters by throwing in faux-social commentary.

    • “…but let’s not muddy the waters by throwing in faux-social commentary.”

      And reinforcing the sort of prejudice I thought that people here were supposed to be against.

  2. Great stuff! I’ve worked for Crisis at Christmas, for the homeless, a few times when I lived in London. You can’t do enough for them. Now involved in Leeds.

  3. This is great news. The Arts are a wonderful way to promote beauty and goodwill throughout society. I hope this venture is a big success!

  4. I’m very glad that professional musicians have seen the homeless and are trying to help them in a dramatic, substantive way.

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