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Caveat: Chailly and La Scala is no done deal

Sources close to the conductor Riccardo Chailly inform us that, not for the first time, the Italian media has inflated whisper into history. A leak to Corriere della Serra from the incoming general manager Alexander Pereira that Chailly would become music director in 2017 took the conductor by surprise, they say. Nothing has been settled. As in any good commedia dell’arte, the outcome could go either way. We  should have been more careful before believing what appears as fact in print media.

riccardo chailly

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  1. Markus Laska says:

    The matter of fact is, that in the article it was clear, that it wasn’t a done deal!!

  2. though Austrians keep telling us how unprofessional Mr.Pereira has been with the press and also has humiliated colleagues and other with wrong things he says in public. La Scala will not be pleased with him

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