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Alert: Violin lost on a train in Cologne

A student from one of the Baltic states is distraught at the loss of her instrument, a ’Pietro Grulli’ full sized violin and two bows (‘Stephan Kuhnla’ and a ‘Voirin’ copy). They were left last night on a train in Cologne, Germany. If you have any information, please contact 015120178073.

stolen violin

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  1. It would be good to post this on as there are many violinmakers who would see it there, should someone try and sell it

  2. My wife left her instrument on a train near Cologne. She immediately registered a lost and found report with the Bundesbahn. A (train) conductor found the instrument and it was returned to her a couple days later. Remembering the sadness and stress we felt, I wish the student every success in having her instrument returned.

  3. Mara Miller says:

    I wonder what is distracting violinists upon arrival in Cologne. A fiddler myself, I do remember the shoe shops there were enticing, couldn’t wait to hit them. (I know, shallow.)
    (I hope her instrument turns up pronto for her.)

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