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What Putin’s riot police wear on their backs

This is the OMON - Отряд мобильный особого назначения, Otryad Mobilniy Osobogo Naznacheniya, Special Purpose Mobile Unit - in action.

They really shouldn’t stand in front of mirrors.


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  1. Dean Williams says:

    Hmmm…. I wonder if he could be charged under Russa’s anti-gay law for publicly supporting homosexuality?

  2. I was promised homo action.

  3. John Ed NIles says:

    Remember the Letter N in Cyrillic looks like an H.
    Tee Hee.

  4. Nelson Armitano says:

    Ha! .. I wonder whether any of them is at all aware of it …

  5. They don’t care if the reflection is “homo” because that’s reference to an English word, and they don’t speak English in Russia. They speak Russian.
    (Sorry to wee on your party.)

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