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Wanted: Second violin to revive ‘dead’ string quartet

Yesterday, we announced the disbandment after 40 years of the excellent Alberni Quartet.

We, and the local media that carried news of the death, were apparently premature.

Matthew Souter, the quartet’s viola player, has contacted us with the following update:

The Alberni String Quartet is happily far from stopping. Peter Pople our second violin is indeed retiring after forty years in the quartet, but we are actively searching for a replacement to enable us to take the quartet into another exciting era. We were the first string quartet to travel to China after the Cultural Revolution and we are delighted that we have an invitation to return to China for another tour. The quartet has long been associated with the great Viennese classics and especially with our interpretation of Beethoven`s great masterpieces. The next few months will see the Alberni`s performing works by Janacek, Britten, Shostakovich, Webern, Mozart, Haydn,Borodin and indeed Beethoven…… Far from finished!!

Very glad to hear it.


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  1. Dominic Baron says:

    I am delighted to learn this! As the younger brother of the founding ‘cellist, Gregory Baron, I was a very keen ‘groupie’ and followed them around a lot in their early days. I was 19 when I heard them for the first time as the “Simons String Quartet” at the Ben Uri Art Gallery in 1962.
    Keep on keeping on, Alberni!

  2. Vanessa Wilson says:

    The Alberni Quartet has provided immense pleasure to countless music lovers over a period of many years. Their concerts and regular residential master classes, held at various locations throughout the U.K., have stimulated and enriched the musical experience of us all.
    The forthcoming retirement of 2nd violinist Peter Pople, after many years of sterling service, is a natural part of any quartet’s history, just as when Karin Leishman succeeded Howard Davies as Leader in 2005. Karin brought a dynamic new dimension to the Quartet and we should be confident that Peter’s successor, when appointed, will enable this distinguished group to continue to delight their many fans well into the future.
    Well done Alberni! Please continue.

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