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Wagner as you’ve never heard before

My album of the week is a piece of musical archaeology, two piano sonatas that Richard Wagner wrote before he knew what kind of composer he was going to be. Sonatas? Partly a learning exercise and partly, one suspects, an attempt to step  into Beethoven’s shoes.

Well worth exploring. Click here.

wagner sonatas

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  1. Mr Lebrecht, would you ever consider posting something relating to the music of Siegfried Wagner?

  2. Finnish pianist Eero Heinonen has made a recording of Wagner’s complete piano works.

  3. Theodore McGuiver says:

    If these sonatas are as good as Rienzi, Das Liebesverbot or Die Feen, I’ll pass.

  4. another Beethoven influenced piece from the ambitious 19year old.
    Wagner gave the Symphony, as a gift, to Mendelssohn:
    the ideas are quite strong, but it needs editing.

  5. I performed the f sharp minor fantasia and the Wesendonck sonata, some years ago. Obviously not his proper metier, but interesting because it gave me an insight into his musical heroes when he wrote them, in 1831 and 1853, respectively. I remember laughing out loud at the various bows made, in the Fantasia, to Bach’s Chromatic Fantasy. The way it hopped back and forth from that to Beethoven… chromaticism and deep dark melancholy. Two, um, elements he would later make truly his own…

  6. Also Wagner as you’ve never heard before:

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