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Video shows last stage moments of tragic young soprano

These are the final stage moments of the Argentine soprano¬†Florencia Fabris. Taken ill towards the end of Verdi’s Requiem, she raises a hand to her head, whispers something to a fellow singer and leaves the stage holding her colleague’s hand as soon as the work is over.

Florencia was rushed to hospital where, after brain surgery, she died. She was 38 and a mother. Her funeral is taking place today.

The video is likely to cause distress. Think before you click below.

Florencia Fabris

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  1. Paul D. Sullivan, MA. says:

    Terribly tragic and sad for one so young! My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

    To be plucked from life
    Such talents lost so young
    So cruel is the hand of fate
    Florencia’s best songs have not been sung.

    Music is beauty, so is much of life
    Yet tragedy and sorrow their wings widely spread
    Florencia will still be remembered and enamoured by dear ones
    Each one their tears silently shed.

    Heartfelt condolences to her loved ones

  3. Petros Linardos says:

    I can see plenty of good reasons why Florencia Fabris’ tragic news should be publicized. Yet why should this youtube clip be posted? What purpose does it serve?

  4. Greg Bottini says:

    Life is so short – and in Florencia’s case, so beautiful.

    I am a Buddhist, so I believe that we shall hear her sweet voice in the next life.

    To Florencia’s family and friends: You all have my deepest condolences and my best wishes and encouragement, and in my daily meditations I will think of her and focus on her beauty and on her contributions to the art of music, which is another way of saying that she contributed to the betterment of us all.

    I hope everyone will remember her smile…..

    A lesson may be learned: express your love RIGHT NOW to those who are close to you.

  5. Norman, I’m with Pietro on this one. The posting of this youtube clip was, at the very least, in extremely poor taste. It rather smacks of some of the sensational journalism we’ve (unfortunately) come to expect in the States.

    • The video exists. By the time it was brought to my attention it had 100,000+ hits on Youtube. Not to share it would have been a suppressive act. My decision was to share it responsibly. I stand by that decision. NL

      • John Harte says:

        That’s a remarkable insight into your editorial process. With ‘existence’ and ‘views on YouTube’ as the sole criteria of inclusion presumably we can look forward to some really classy content over coming months.

        A suppressive act? Seriously? Edmund’s post below says it all, I think (and with admirable restraint).

      • Peter Wilson says:

        I can see the point of people who think it was wrong to post this but on the other hand, what a great tribute to a talented and dedicated artist.

      • Alan Penner says:

        The goal was clearly to get more hits on your site. It worked, you got what you were after. Consider it a victory.

  6. Edmund Coxon says:

    On balance, it might be better out of deference to her and her family to withdraw this clip. I know it’s freely available on You Tube etc but it doesn’t smack of the usual quality of your other posts. Perhaps a clip if her in full flight on some other occasion would be more appropriate and if as you say, it’s likely to cause distress, why post it at all?

  7. I also would NOT have posted the video, it’s doesn’t do anyone any good, and yes norman showed bad taste and above all bad judgement in this case, there are other youtube clips of the singer better suited for an in memoriam.

  8. Peter Wilson says:

    Well if we all avoided facing everything that was “likely to cause distress” where would that leave us? “In that season less world where you will laugh but not all of your laughter and cry but not all of your tears” (Khalil Gibran)

  9. The fact that the video ‘exists’ is irrelevant. This really is in extremely poor taste.

  10. Death, just like birth, is a part of life and we should be able to talk about it. It is certainly a very sad part, which is why talking about it may cause distress, but i think reasonable adults should be able to deal with it. The video does not show anything embarrassing for the young woman and therefore I see nothing wrong in posting it. Dying at such a young age is extremely sad for her family and for everyone who knew her, but I must say this: if there is a more beautiful way to leave this world than immediately after performing Verdi’s Requiem, I do not know of it. And I hope that this comment has not offended anyone.

  11. Bunkum! It cannot be a suppressive act since it is freely available on Youtube as you admit. If not to share something is suppressive then you will need to post links to Youtube of everything which appears there. Bad taste, and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

  12. John Sparks says:

    Yes, your attitude sees to because 100000 other people have seen it, why shouldn’t share it ‘responsibly’ surely, in this case isn’t to share it?

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