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Travel breakthough: airline eases rules on longer instruments

A folk violinist made a fuss on social media, and Australian airline Jetstar agreed to relax rules on longer cabin baggage. Full story here.




caroline trengrove

Let’s keep the pressure up.


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  1. David Hardie says:

    This is useful as ‘Jetstar’ is a low budget Airline run by QANTAS. So if QANTAS have a problem then passengers could mount the ‘you can do this on ‘Jetstar’ ‘ argument. So if you are connecting on a QANTAS flight on another airline then you should be able to keep the instrument with you etc.
    P.S. Is the picture of a (a) small statured woman, (b) very large violin or (c) viola?

    • Joep Bronkhorst says:

      Except the story says that Qantas has already relaxed its baggage restrictions and this decision ‘more closely aligns Jetstar with its corporate stablemate Qantas’

  2. Let’s hope this new rule spreads throughout the global airline industry. Travelling with cellos and guitars in the U.S. is very expensive.

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