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Too good to miss: The London Underground map auf Deutsch

Fullscale map here. Ich muss jetzt nach Johanneswald laufen. Click twice on the map to enlarge.


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  1. Theodore McGuiver says:

    Vollschinken Hauptstrasse (Fulham Broadway) is magnificent.

  2. This is the 2003 version and omits extensions to the London Overground such as Kristalpalast and Tugendeichenpark.

    • Theodore McGuiver says:

      Ehreneichenpark, surely?

      • Ian Paton says:

        Correction accepted – I was using my 44-year-old A Level German off the cuff, without consulting a dictionary,
        For another riff on the London Underground map, there is Simon Patterson’s ‘The Great Bear’ at Tate Modern, with station names replaced by themed names according to line. Sadly the site no longer displays the image.

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