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Recovery news: Violinist bitten by deadly spider is back on stage this week

Daniel Röhn, whose life was endangered at the Lucerne Festival by a bite from the deadly Texas Brown Spider (also known as the violin spider, has sent word of his full and happy recovery. He’s off crutches will resume playing at the Wigmore Hall at Thursday lunchtime. Details below.

daniel rohn1daniel rohn2daniel roehn


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  1. I’m glad to hear he’s okay, but talk about irony. A “violin spider?”

  2. Daniel Röhn will take part in the big “A Day for Ana Chumachenco” event on September 28. and

    Ana Chumachenco is the teacher of Daniel Röhn, Veronika Eberle, Julia Fischer, Susanna Yoko Henkel, Arabella Steinbacher, Lisa Batiashvili and many other fine violinists.

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