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Orchestra forced to sleep in tent after hotel mix-up

The 34 musicians from the Royal Northern College of Music were promised appropriate accommodation when they agreed to play The Sound of Music in Durham. But, when they arrived, they found there was no room at the inn. The night was saved when the show’s director knocked up a marquee in his garden.  Fortunately, some of the players had brought sleeping bags.


Report here.

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  1. Musicians have always been vagabonds and will always be vagabonds. It was the gypsies who brought the violin to Europe. Glory to God in the Highest for the great art of music!

  2. I think you should have entitled this “Loitering with in tent.” But it’s good to see that alumni (and some current students) are picking up freelance work en masse after leaving college. Obviously, had it been an actual RNCM gig I would have made sure they had a bed for the night. I am however, seriously impressed that someone “knocked up a marquee in his garden”. He must have amazing contacts to hire from so late at night. And they threw in a chandelier! (candlelight presumably rather than actual electricity ?) Was this for one night only or for the whole run?

  3. and I bet they enjoyed every minute! When I did similar as a student at the RCM at Thaxted festival, we got up to all sorts of fun as you can imagine!
    Just as long as anyone reading this doesn’t give them ideas for future cheap accommodation for students or pros!

  4. Welcome to the real world of making music! Minnesota take note:)

    • In spite of the smiley face, not understanding the tremendous differences – between a fine professional symphony orchestra and what essentially is a student ensemble put together to be a pit band in a musical – is not funny.

  5. On social networking sites at work there Maggie? Slightly hypocritical perhaps given your reputation for berating students for the same.

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