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Opera in Spain to shut for three months

The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia is to shut for three months next year, with corresponding pay cuts. The alternative was sweeping redundancies. The staff are not pleased.

Read here (in Spanish).

valencia opera

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  1. that’s Spain !!!!!!

    • And this is also Spain: Zaragoza, capital of Aragon (population 700,000), has no opera. Four years ago, local music-lovers got together and formed the Asociación Aragonesa de la Ópera Miguel Fleta, named after the famed Aragonese tenor.

      Over four years they have organized opera-related activities and now they are embarking on their most ambitious project to date: their first full-scale opera production. They have chosen as their work the relatively rare “Der Kaiser von Atlantis” by Viktor Ullmann and organized a series of conferences and a round table on Music and the Holocaust.

      Their funding is private and their means modest, but they are not letting that stand in the way of their goal to provide opera in Zaragoza on a regular basis. For this their first production they have resorted to crowdfunding to help raise the funds required to stage the work and they are now very close indeed to meeting their target two days away from the deadline. Under 1000€ remain to be obtained. If they make it, theirs will be a triumph of private cultural initiative where the state has failed.

      Spain is no stranger to this kind of private involvement in the promotion of opera, which has played a crucial role in the develpoment of the historic opera seasons of Barcelona, Madrid’s Teatro de la Zarzuela during the closure of the Teatro Real, Oviedo, and Bilbao, for example.

      There is more information on the Ullmann project here:

      • What a wonderful idea! How I would love to see this: it’s a very moving opera. I have tweeted details, and I do hope you are successful in monetary & artistic endeavours

        • Thank you so much for helping this project reach a wider audience. I myself am not directly involved, beyond helping to fund it and give it publicity and it is a pity I shall miss out on the performance and talks, as I cannot travel on those dates. I find the whole idea admirable and hope they will be successful. Now only 645€ ($875) away from the target, with 34 hours to go…

        • I am very glad to announce that the target has been met and surpassed, and that the project will go ahead as planned. Truly good news.

    • Yes.

      Naturally the staff isn’t pleased, but with conditions in Spain these days, surely the staff can’t be surprised

  2. It’s scary… It seems like the Arts are an endangered species throughout the world. As I write this NY City Opera is on the verge of extinction. The terrible stalemate in Minnesota continues with NO resolution in sight, no “happy \ever after.” We have lost several organizations in the upstate NY area including an art gallery that had to literally abandon ship when a broken pipe cascaded water thru the bldg. I wish I had some answers. i’m not sure I have the questions.

  3. The population of Valencia is 809,000. There are 20 European cities larger than Valencia and all have one or more full time opera houses except Birmingham. Here’s the list by population: London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Bucharest, Vienna, Budapest, Hamburg, Warsaw, Barcelona, Munich, Milan, Prague, Sofia, Brussels, Birmingham, Cologne, Naples, and Turin.

    The USA has 15 cities larger than Valencia, but none have full time operas. The longest season is the Met, at 7 months. Twelve of the cities have companies that only do a few performances per year with pick up musicians.

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