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New video:Top tenor lets rip mid-air on Mediterranean flight

What we want to know is: where did they hide the orchestra?

Joseph Calleja Air Malta 2

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  1. Sanford Rothenberg says:

    “Swans sing before they die.’Twere no bad thing should certain persons die before they sing”-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  2. So naff its painful

  3. The cheesy Synthesizer accompagnato kills it for me.

  4. Gonout Backson says:

    Be understanding. What else do the Maltese have, besides Calleja and the Falcon?

  5. Christian Thompson says:

    Vaguely spherical chocolates with honeycomb inside.

  6. remarkable the ‘resurrection’ of his hair….:):)

  7. Great. I’m sure they’re going to tack on a “tenor” charge to my ticket now…yet another thing I don’t need or want.

  8. I think it is quite amusing for an airline advert.

  9. David Hardie says:

    I’m wondering if they have relaxed their instruments as carry on luggage policy, if so, we should all be flying air Malta.

  10. The answer is simple. They borrowed them from the flight crew. The pilots were flying on instruments.

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