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New video: Lang Lang does Coldplay. Why? (He likes cool dudes)

This is certifiably…. embarrassing.

Lang Lang, in football gear, plays around with the 2Cellos, Sulic & Hauser.

Then he gets bored and starts plucking the cello.

Wanna watch? Don’t go there.

2cellos album

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  1. I don’t find it embarassing at all, and I’m not young. Come on, it’s three classical young and proficient musicians having a bit of fun, letting off steam from the serious stuff. What’s wrong with that? I’m not a great fan of Lang Lang per se, but this is just a bit of fun and takes the stuffiness out of things for young people. The result of Lang Lang on the cello and the other guy on the piano is no worse than some of the commissions I have heard at the Proms over the years!! Good luck to them, I say. We all need to keep a soft heart and stay young, even if you’re getting old like me. He can’t play Liszt all of the time :)

  2. David Boxwell says:

    Lang Squared is the “People’s Pianist”! (I know this because the vast machinery of global marketing is making me know this).

  3. I think that this is just simply pure calculated marketing and did not grow out of a musical conviction, but of being manufactured. While I am usually open to things, I find this all just another fake and feeble attempt at making classical musicians cool, in the hope that the other side will cross over. They won’t! This will be forgotten in one year’s time and the marketing machine will have to conjure up another “trick” in order to pull another rabbit out of the hat, in order to continue the false and outdated belief that classical music can be cool and that if you just look the part and play the part, it will all fall into place. It’s all fabricated and didn’t grow out of anything organic or real and will therefore end up where most of these attempts have ended up…NOWHERE!

    • Cough. I think if you look at Elton John’s latest live performances you will find they are part of his band right now. So they have “crossed over” already so to speak! I can say that I saw them on TV BEFORE the latest hype and I thought they were something special. Still love the Piano Guys though (check them out as well) who took the internet by storm first recently. Their crossover music definitely works and is composed very well. Celebrate don’t denigrate!

    • Hi Rodney, Just a quick yes or no question. Would you prefer us to not bother trying to attract new audiences (either young, old, fans of pop music, people that might like to cross over etc.) and leave our dwindling audiences as they are? Granted this might not be the finest example, but at least they’re having a go.

  4. Scotscellist says:

    Norman, it’s called “a wee bit of fun”, you should try it sometime! These guys are a massive inspiration for young cellists around the world, anything but embarrassing…

  5. God forbid classical musicians are ever portrayed having a lot of fun…

    If it’s not your taste, that’s fine, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this at all.

  6. Michael J. Stewart says:

    Call me cynical but this is bank balance fodder.

  7. He’s not wearing ‘football gear’…..

  8. Two cellos: magnificently talented!!

    LL: distinctly ordinary

    The music is nice though, I may buy it as long as LL is not on it…

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