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Minnesota: Newspaper accused of misleading its readers

Bruce Ridge, chair of the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians, has written an op-ed in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune accusing the paper, whose owner sits on the orchestra’s board, of knowingly distorting the economic facts of the crisis by parroting the board’s party line.

‘Let’s end this fatiguing negativity that faces Minnesotans every morning as you read your newspapers,’ he appeals.

It’s a powerful (click here) piece. Credit to the paper for running it. Though it may take more than this to rebuilt its credit with cultural readers.

minnesota state fair

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  1. The local press and media here in Minneapolis has been negligent and sometimes irresponsible so from the top of the script. Very little investigative reporting at all, except at the beginning. They parrot MOA news releases and offer feeble rebuttals. They’re guilty of repeating false equivalencies, and encourage an “a pox on both your houses” attitude amongst Minnesotans.

  2. James Brinton says:

    About time.
    Even though I have no dog in this fight, I’ve followed the Star Tribune’s coverage and often remarked on its slant, its false equivalencies, and repeated cases of willful blindness.
    Michael Klingensmith, the Publisher and CEO of the Star Tribune, is indeed a member of the MOA board of directors, as shown here:
    For those unfamiliar with journalism as a business, it is common for a paper’s management to side with local businesses and businessmen. The reason? Their companies’ advertising fleshes out the paper’s bottom line. Thus one hand washes the other.
    Though there may be other motives here (hatred of unions is a constant theme), in this case, it’s hard to ignore Mr. Klingensmith’s conflict of interest.
    Frankly, I’m surprised the op-ed made it into the paper.

    • Bruce has written a wonderful piece. He opens up a media issue which in my opinion has pervaded through the entire lockout of both orchestras in the twin cities. The motto seems to be for the media to stay out of this if it means upsetting the people who pay for or who direct the media enterprise. Money and influence. This seems to be the main issue.

      • Alan Penner says:

        The main issue is the lack of money. But leave it to a rag-mag like the Strib to perpetuate an ill-informed issue for continued readership.

        • The StarTribune yesterday referred to the original interior color of the (now-renovated) Orchestra-less Hall as “orange” — believe me, it was never orange, but rather a lovely and unique Orchestra Hall Rose, as many of us dubbed it, perfect for a classical music venue.

          Of course, that was then; this is now: Thundercloud Gray seats and tiers. Hey, you can’t get more exciting than gray! Just one more stupendously ignorant decision by the board.

  3. Performing Artist52 says:

    The main issue is that the board has not done it’s job. The MOA is consistently providing the media and public false information. The fact the CEO of the Strib is on the MOA board doesn’t help much with truthful or investigative reporting.

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