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Lucerne releases record results

10,000 more attendants than last year. Press release:

Lucerne, 13.09.2013. LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer ends this weekend with a total tally of 94% of occupancy and some 85,000 patrons. This represents 10,000 more patrons than last year and an increase of 13 percent. Exploring the theme of “Revolution,” LUCERNE FESTIVAL offered some 130 artistic events between 16 August and 15 September: compared to the previous year, a higher number of events took place within a shorter time span lasting one month. A total of 30 of the 62 concerts were sold out. The new concert format LUCERNE FESTIVAL 40min was welcomed by audiences: 9 of 11 of these events held in the Luzerner Saal were fully occupied. A total of 49 free events and the week-long world music festival “In the Streets” attracted an outstanding attendance figure of 22,000 guests. The major anniversary celebration held on 25 August alone drew 7,500 guests to the KKL Luzern, with a total of 11,500 free tickets distributed.

boulez lucerne

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  1. The Lucerne Festival is wonderful. The press release says a lot, and the fact that the festival explored the theme of “revolution” tells me that its programming was consistent with the contemporary concerns of many people- and, so many free tickets for some events didn’t hurt.
    Cultural relevancy and affordability (at least for the children of paradise) are maybe two principles the presenters should keep in mind- it will bring in the crowds, and build audiences for the future.

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