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Lang’s Lang’s next…

lang lang rattle

Expressions? Can’t read them. Maybe we should run a bubble-caption competition.

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  1. Purely my opinion, and what little I know–I would not have used that photo for one reason–all five fingers should look accurate in size.

  2. Next….. Lang Lang plays Nono.

  3. Has a Bruce Lee vibe, doesn’t it?

  4. Rattle (Prokoviev screaming at his wife?), LL (poo pooing Shostakovich?)

  5. it’d be even more adventurous if this same collaboration could record the Tippett Concerto which Lang Lang played very well a few years ago at the Barbican.
    More than enough recordings of Prokofiev’s 3rd

  6. As far as prognathism goes, they should match well together.

  7. Michael Schaffer says:

    Rattle: “How many more times do I have to tell you idiots that the correct spelling is Prokofieff, not Prokofiev!?!”

    I don’t have a good caption for Lang.

    • Likewise with Rachmaninoff. That’s the spelling he chose as an English translation from the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Sure, other spelling may be acceptable to musical eggheads, but if Rachmaninoff said it’s Rachmaninoff, then it’s Rachmaninoff. Not Rachmaninov. Not Rahkmaninov. RACHMANINOFF!

      • Michael Schaffer says:

        Yes – my favorite pet peeve!!!

        • It’s the same thing with Tchaikovsky. I’ve seen a half dozen different spellings. The difference, in this case, is that I don’t think Tchaikovsky ever expressed a preference for how his name was to be spelled in English. Does anyone out there know differently?

  8. Rattle: louder, louder!!

    LL: I play this piece sooooo much better than Martha!!

    Seriously, did they even see this pic before consenting that it should be on the cover?

  9. Sebastian/ LondonJazz says:

    It’s not over I’d say – those two away goals by Bartok could be crucial, and give him a good chance to turn things round in the second leg.

  10. MachsKline says:

    I like what I see here:

    lets wait for the recording to finally judge.

  11. Rattle “Oh no, my head and hands are floating in mid-air! Where is my body?”

    Lang Lang “ooooh, poor you.”

  12. Actually it works better if you reverse the order, like this:

    Lang Lang “Oooooh Rattle, poor you! Look at you!”

    Rattle “Oh no, my head and hands are floating in mid-air! Where’s my body?”

  13. Sam Weatherstone says:

    Simon – “WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING!?!?!?”

  14. Rattle: “more focus!!!”
    Lang Lang: “got it!”

  15. Rattle: “My brain hurts.”
    Lang: “What the? … someone stole my chairrrr!”

  16. Greg Bottini says:

    Aren’t they cute, being so excited and all?

    Let us try to keep our cool, Lang and Simon, and focus on the music. See: images of Van Cliburn with Fritz Reiner.

    And Simon’s perm? To die for…..

  17. derwanderer says:

    Wow, one would swear that LL has greek origns!
    -SR : Expressivo Lang, expressivo!
    -LL: Take that, Rat! I will play it my way or not at all!
    Now read about this quintessential and exclusively greek hand gesture here:

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