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Keeping pace with a pianist of 90

Shortly after 1.30 this morning, I made my excuses to Menahem Pressler and staggered home to bed.

‘So soon?’ said Menahem.

He had flown in to London the day before, played four piano quartets at the Wigmore Hall, dined in style and was now ready for… what?’

‘I have a car picking me up for the airport at 4 am,’ he announced. ‘At 11, I am meant to judging a trio competition in Munich.’

Menahem will be 90 in December.

In… de…. fatigable.


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  1. Yes, he is amazing. He was here in Canada at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival and included in his recital Schubert’s D960. Yes, indeed Amazing. Then he pops up at the Verbier , does he never suffer from jetlag? I find it hard to do just taking the bus and I am only 78.

  2. His recording activities are also worth a comment.

    I know BIS will release a new recording of a Schubert sonata in a near future. A major recording to look after, if you ask me !! And BIS promise even more from MP…

  3. To paraphrase the onlooker in “When Harry Met Sally”, I’ll have whatever he’s having.

  4. Rebecca Brite says:

    The constant transatlantic trips must keep him young. It was a pleasure last night to see musicians enjoying themselves so much – that undoubtedly helps, too.

  5. Adrienne Sirken says:

    What an amazing force of nature he is ! Youre lucky to catch him for dinner!

  6. P Garritson says:

    One has to admire his deep love of music which obviously motivates his performances; all artists should strive to reach this level. This same motivating factor should be present when coaching and teaching students, which is not always the case.

  7. Marvin Friedman says:

    He is truly amazing. I caught up with him a couple of years ago after he had returned from
    coaching a couple of up and coming duettists. He had just deplaned, and was
    preparing to teach one of his students at IU’s Jacobs School of Music. What is
    more amazing is that he recognized me after 46 years. (I graduated in 1967). What a
    Memory! WOW!

    Marv Friedman

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