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Just in: Cardiff winner signs agency deal

Jamie Barton, the US soprano who won Cardiff Singer of the World, has done a split deal with CAMI (US) and HarrisonParrott (Europe).

Best outcome? Jamie was already on CAMI’s books. This signing suggests the US giant is no longer confident of managing an international career.


jamie barton

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  1. Not sure I read it that way. HP handles a large European market, and, being in the UK, makes it easier for an artist to have managerial representation in the same region and time zone. CAMI is more US based. IMHO, having several agents working spreads out the bookings rather than depending on one agency worldwide–it’s a big world out there. HP is an awesome agency, although they do not represent me (I do not have UK management just yet). I wish jamie the greatest success in bringing her beautiful voice to as many people as possible. The world needs beautiful music.

    • Agreed. It can be sensible to have dedicated European representation, and this is true for many artists whose general management is with a US-based agency (often because that’s where they started out); of course, the reverse is also true.

  2. I’d say so too. Makes good sense to me.

  3. This might as well be Ms. Barton’s first step in leaving CAMI permanently. It doesn’t look like a promotion for CAMI, quite the opposite.

  4. Correction: JB is a mezzo-soprano, not a soprano.

  5. Yes Addison says:

    Ms. Barton is a mezzo, is she not?

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