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Just in: Athens University shuts down

The Senate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is suspending all of its operations. Read on here.

Greece, the wellspring of western culture, is revoking its civilisation.

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  1. Corrupt and kleptocratic politicians, bankers and businessmen (Greeks and foreigners) are revoking Greek civilization. But they’re not doing it deliberately. This is just “collateral damage”. Just ask John Paulson, who made money fanning the flames consuming the market for Greek debt in 2010/2011. Makes you think twice about Steinway, and whether it will be able to continue doing business as usual.

  2. James Brinton says:

    I’m appalled by this; European austerity has become unforgivable. Meanwhile I’m also appalled that so few people are commenting on this. It is a huge, terrible story.
    Thanks for bringing it attention, Norman.

  3. It can also be the case of corrupt Greek education bureaucrats panicking in the face of loosing their bonanza = free, no string attached, financing. Greece is screwed up so much that it is almost impossible to decipher what is going in it from outside.

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