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Handel’s in the Himalayas

We bring you rehearsal images of next month’s Acis and Galatea in the Kingdom of Bhutan.



Galatea                         Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli
Acis                             Thomas Macleay
Polyphemus                  Jacques-Greg Belobo
Damon                         Brian Downen

Chorus                         University of Texas at El Paso Opera Chorus
Chorus master             Dr. Elisa Fraser Wilsonacis2

Orchestra                      The Himalayan Handel Orchestra
Concert master            Laura Brüggen
Harpsichord/Musical assistant  Karl Shymanovitz

Performers from the Royal Academy of Performing Arts, Thimphu
Director                    Tshering Goen

Conductor                  Aaron Carpene
Stage director            Stefano Vizioli


acis galatea


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  1. Thanks for posting this, Norman. I had the privilege of filming in Bhutan for 4 weeks not long ago. This is a great opportunity for the people of Thimphu where, slowly but surely, more events of this kind are being set up. What is great about this High Altitude Handel is the inclusion of local performers from the Bhutan Royal Academy of Music. There was a fascinating TEDx event in Thimphu where Imogen Heap spoke and performed in a forum which showed how Bhutan is taking innovative steps into what one might tritely call the ‘modern’ world while maintaining their unique societal and religious structures. It will be intersting to see the lcal reaction to this production to which I wish every success! For info, if i may, I have attached a link for anyone interested to a Bhutan music resource:

  2. The conductor and initiator of this production, Aaron Carpene, has written about the extraordinary (ongoing) background story of this project on his blog

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