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Double-bass player wins landmark victory in Israeli court

A double-bass player, fired for union activism in a Russian orchestra in Beersheba, has won his job back by court order.┬áMa’ayan Beider-Jacobssohn, 32, found that his fellow-players, earning as little as $700 a month, were working overtime as cleaners and porters. He challenged the status quo in the Israel Sinfonietta and was dismissed. The court has reinstated him. The full story is an authentic slice of musical life in a turbulent state.


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  1. mort goodkin says:

    thought you might like this site-mort

  2. Les Berger says:

    Those who do not subscribe to Ha’aretz can not read the story from the link you provided.

  3. Just a tip says:

    They offer free registration (which allows reading 10 stories a month) through which you can read it.

  4. Michael Schaffer says:

    You can register with Haaretz for free and then you get something like 10 full stories per month to read without a subscription. I did that the other day to read another article linked to from here. It’s worth the 30 seconds it takes to register, they have some interesting and well written articles.

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