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Deep discounting on Covent Garden seats

This just in:

Up to 45% off top price seats for Elektra at the Royal Opera House on 1, 9 or 12 October 2013

To claim up to 45% off top price stalls seats, visit and enter the code fbelektra into the ‘Do you have a code?’ box, which is situated above the seating plan on the booking page, and click ‘Update’. 

To book by phone, please call +44 (0)20 7304 4000. Please quote fbelektra.



The show is a scorcher. Clearly the box-office is not responding.

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  1. Sebastian Petit says:

    I got a £162 ticket for 58 quid!

  2. I got an excellent seat in the Amphi for £25

  3. They did the same for Wozzeck a few years ago, and I got the back row of the Amphitheatre, I remember for a fiver! Suppose the punters don’t like Elektra, and the place is half-empty!! If I were in London, I’d go but the cost of travelling and an hotel is too much. Saw an absolutely wonderful Peter Grimes at Opera North the other nightn in Leeds.

  4. Derek Castle says:

    “enter the code ‘fbelektra’” – f*c*ing bu**ered ?, (in a nice way!), after seeing the premier on Monday

  5. Staatsoper unter den Linden Berlin is doing a similar action for their “Wozzeck” performances (Barenboim conducting, Waltraud Meier, Roman Trekel, Graham Clark) for October for the sensational price of €30 for members who are subscribed to the newsletter. Is this the beginning of a trend?

    • Alexander Hall says:

      I really am surprised that opera houses and orchestras haven’t woken up to this idea before. Airlines adjust down the seat prices for flights that are not selling and even a little additional income rather than nothing extra at all makes good sense when you have certain fixed costs. Better to have a full house with a hopefully appreciative audience rather than rows of empty seats. The danger is that quite a lot of people might hold back until the last minute, however, wary of paying premium prices for an event to which they might get admittance on the night at a much lower cost.

  6. Sixtus Beckmesser says:

    What scares me is so much focus on big screen relays, DVDs etc “because now the opera house is full that’s our only way to expand.” Has the ROH eye been taken off the ball of its core purpose? Why does it need to “expand” anyway? With too much expansion, is the raison d’être being sacrificed?

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