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Dancing with a phallus in Britten’s Shakespeare opera

This is what has caught the attention of Berliners in the Komische Oper production of Midsummer Night’s Dream:


Photo:  Iko Freese /

The director is a Latvian, Viestur Kairish.

Read first review here: Der Tanz der Phallus in Teddy-Land.

UPDATE: Here’s one we made earlier (caution: extreme adult content).

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  1. No such luck up here with Opera North next week – too cold for that :)

  2. Benjamin Gordon says:

    At least nothing squirted out of it. Remember last decade’s dreadful Entführung at the KO?

  3. This is dodgy when childen are involved:

    “his phallus does not react in the face of Titania’s dark , erect nipples , only after the singing of four solo boys Leprechauns does it undergoa massive erection ”


  4. John Ed Niles says:

    This is NOT new. I remember seeing an opera by a Swede by the name of GEFORS called Der Park. It was another convoluted version of Midsummernight’s Dream with a young man who character was:
    Der mann mit der Gummi-Schwantz.

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