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Composer to appear on banknotes

Krzysztof Penderecki turns 80 in November, and he’s writing another opera.

Apart from that, Poland are putting his face on the zloty. Different kind of notes from his usual ones.


pederecki notes

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had an equal quantity of both kinds of note.

  2. I’m pleased that a living composer is on a bank-note, and trust that the turgid and uninspired Concerto-Grosso heard at this years Proms isn’t representative of his most recent work.

  3. I think Ligeti should go on the Hungarian Florin. It’ll be a morale boost in this challenging time for the county.

  4. ruben greenberg says:

    I would have put Lutoslawki on the zloty, rather than the boring, official, Penderecki. It is more important to put banknotes into composers pockets than composers’ faces on banknotes.

  5. Ruben Greenberg is right!
    But the old Witold never had a merchandising team (read: wife) working for him.

  6. You’re all right. We Americans are stuck with a few dead founding fathers and a drunk (U. S. Grant). Salmon Chase is on the $10,000 USD. Can anyone identify him w/o Google? Methinks it’s time for US to get with the times.

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