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Big pay rise for Dude and Debs

The LA Times has been reading the Philharmonic’s tax returns.

It appears that Gustavo Dudamel has broken into the million-buck pay bracket with a Philharmonic pay slip of $1,425,088, up almost 50 percent from his first season – but he’s put in many more dates.

LA Phil and Hollywood Bowl boss Deborah Borda took a more modest 9.3 percent increase, upping her salary to $1.75 million.

And the orchestra still turned in a big surplus – $5.9 million in the black.

Full results here.

borda dudamel

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  1. If the LAP Board thinks he’s worth it… And if they’re running that kind of surplus… I just hope theyre as generous w/the musicians. We don’t need another debacle like the Minnesota Orchestra and that kind of intractable acrimony.

    • You don’t have to worry about LAPhil musicians’ livelihood for at least four more years, which is the length of their new contract that went into effect today.

  2. michael Ecker says:

    My feeling is he brings many times more his salary,plus plus plus !!! back to the orchestra!!!

  3. Standards. Mahler would have gone ape shit

  4. Borda sold out.

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