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Anna Nicole, one way or the other

Our New York operavores, Elizabeth Frayer and Shawn E Milnes, sort-of loved  Mark-Antony Turnage’s boob-job of an opera.

That is to say, they loved it enough to dream about it, which is always the mark of a good opera. Or a very bad one.

Read for yourselves here.

Reading it for myself, I was reminded of my own discomfort and ambivalence at the Covent Garden world premiere, 30 months ago. It’s neither that good, nor that bad. I never thought it would make New York. So now it has, so what?


UPDATE: read Martin Bernheimer, always on the money, in the FT.

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  1. I have no particular opinion on this opera, not having seen it, but the London performance received its share of rave reviews and had, I understand, very good sales. It’s an attention getting topic. Why would you assume it wouldn’t reach New York? Because you personally didn’t like it?

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