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Domingo’s Operalia is down to the last 14

The youngest is a Mexican, who must have caught Placido’s eye. Slipped Disc has a favourite or two among the rest, but wild horses won’t extract the names before Sunday’s result is announced.

domingo operalia


- Benjamin Bliss, tenor, USA, 27 years old
- Zach Borichevsky, tenor, USA, 29 years old
- Mirella Bunoaica, soprano, Romania, 28 years old
- Hae Ji Chang, soprano, South Korea, 29 years old
- Irina Churilova, soprano, Russia, 30 years old
- Tracy Cox, soprano, USA, 27 years old
- Vladimir Dmitruk, tenor, Belarus, 26 years old
- Julie Fuchs, soprano, France, 29 years old
- Aida Garifullina, soprano, Russia, 25 years old
- Claudia Huckle, contralto, UK, 31 years old

- Kathryn Lewek, soprano, USA, 30 years old

- Ao Li, bass-baritone, China, 25 years old

- Simone Piazzola, baritone, Italy, 28 years old
- Diego Silva, tenor, Mexico, 24 years old

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  1. Vladimir Dmitruk

  2. Benjamin Bliss

  3. Kathryn Lewek

  4. Kathryn Lewek

  5. Kathrine Lewek

  6. Marioara Trifan says:

    Diego Silva, absolutely!

  7. The pop singer bought the competition. This competition is a fraud.

    • I agree. How pop singer can participate in opera competition …??? Of course she bought this competition. And she wasn’t that good.

  8. John E Niles says:

    Zach Borichevsky, tenor, USA
    This guy is terrific!!!

  9. Carlos Diego J Mendoza says:

    Diego Silva lo merece. Tiene un bello timbre de voz

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