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UK orchestra may have just two weeks to live

The Brighton Philharmonic, which has told musicians it cannot afford to pay recent fees, launched a survival appeal today. General manager Judith Clark told Slipped Disc: ‘ We await the results of this before taking any further steps in either direction to close or to continue with next season.’

Asked what time frame she had set for a decision, Ms Clark said: ‘The next Board meeting is the 19th August, at which point we should have a reasonable indication of the trend for donations.’

The orch, which receives no Arts Council funding, needs to raise £70,000 ‘to meet committed payments and present the 2013/14 season.’ It’s a tough call in tough times. We wish them a happy outcome.

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  1. PK Miller says:

    I wish them well but I am doubtful. I don’t understand, even reading the previous post, how they ended up in such dire financial straits. Crisis fundraising doesn’t work very well especially if youre up against such inexorable deadlines. It doesn’t work very well here in the states, it doesn’t work very well across the “pond” or anywhere. I know of a not for profit agency where the Board made the decision to “pull the plug” when they found themselves in a comparable fiscal crisis. They too needed $200000 in a month. it was an insurmountable hurdle. they’d lived beyond their means far too long and no one was paying close enough attention to the books.

  2. Donors are even less likely to contribute to this kind of appeal when they have no assurance whatsoever that the orchestra can even explain how this happened, let alone explain steps being taken so that it never happens again. “I’m hopeful that we will emerge stronger” is a pretty weak appeal. This is the definition of throwing good money after bad.

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