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Shoot the playful canon: Goldberg Variations #12

Alisdair Kitchen in full cry, exclusively on Slipped Disc:
alisdair kitchen
Variation 12 (Canon at the Fourth)

One of my favourite canons – a playful creation at the fourth. No longer content to write a ‘simple’ canon, Bach here composes one by inversion, which is to say that when the second voice enters (in the alto/tenor register), up becomes down and vice versa. But such is the joy of the piece that one scarcely notices the erudition on display. I particularly love the quirky off-beat accents that pepper this number.

Later this week I’ll be doing a podcast interview about the #twittergoldbergs with Frances Wilson (, and, keeping with the interactive spirit, we’re taking questions from followers of the project. If any non-Twittering Slipped Disc readers would like to ask a question, please post below and we’ll try to address as many as possible!

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