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Pussy Riot: The Opera. Watch it here.

The Russian-born composer Ilya Demutsky, outraged by the jailing of the Pussy Riot trio in Vladimir Putin’s prison state, wrote an opera titled, The Closing Statement of the Accused.  It won a composing prize in Bologna, was broadcast on Rai-3 and has gone on to win a medal from the President of the Republic. You’ll soon here why when you watch this 11-minute extract: the post-Mahlerian score is compelling, an irresistible ear-worm. We will hear more of Mr Demutsky. More background here.

ilya demutsky

Ilya Demutsky with mezzo-soprano Clara Calanna at the Bologna performance of “The Closing Statement of the Accused”.

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  1. Does anyone else hear a fair amount of plagiarism in this composition?

  2. Tim Walton says:

    I hope that odious Dictator Putin is made to listen to it.

    Hopefully it will make the cretin look even more stupid than he already is.

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with him is either sacked, locked up on false charges, disappears or ‘accidently’ murdered.

    How can any sane minded person vote for someone who protects a mass murderer like Assad

    I suppose they have to stick together as they are both members of the same ‘club’

    • Mark Stratford says:

      Many thanks. ! I’d never heard of Demutsky and he’s certainly worth investigating.

      For example this movement from the Great Vespers :

    • Tim- Would that the issues were so simple and uncomplicated. Important to read more about the crisis and its context in Syria before putting it all on Assad’s and Putin’s head- and I don’t mean read the Western mainstream media (Reuters, etc.), as it has been an integral part of the propaganda war.

      • Tim Walton says:

        I agree it’s not as simple as it looks, but the only reason nothing has been done, so far, to stop Assad is because of the disgraceful way Russia & China have behaved in the UN.

        Both countries are only supporting Syria because of the financial interests they have in the country.

        Neither of these Countries cares about the fate of the poor Syrian People any more than they do with the poor people in their own countries.

        These two countries continually show their contempt for the basic point of the UN & unfortunately the UN are too gutless to stand up to their shamefull behaviour & their self interest.

        The civilised world should treat China & Russia with the contempt they deserve. Both are Dictatorships of the worst possible kind.

  3. Very interesting composer. Some of it is reminiscent of Berg.

  4. John Cheek says:

    I hear echos of Shostakovitch also.

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