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Pictured: Boulez hands on the baton

boulez lucerneThe great man, looking stooped and frail, poses with composers Samy Moussa and Piotr Peszat, winners of the Roche Young Commission. Each has received an orchestral commission to be premiered in the summer of 2015 by the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra.

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  1. Em, Boulez doesn’t use a baton….

    • Indeed – as I’d thought had long been common knowledge – but, who knows? perhaps he’s had one secreted away in a drawer for decades and is now thinking of passing it on at last (and it would be worth quite a lot, I should think!)…

    • I think Norman was using that turn of phrase figuratively, as we tend to do in England, and not literally as you seem to have taken it!!! In England it is used for all sorts of things, and means ‘handing down’ – we all know Pierre didn’t use a baton literally in his conducting:) Hands on, passes on, hands down – does it matter? We surely know what is meant?

      What a lovely gesture for those two in the photo, and memory in years to come. I have very happy memories of Pierre Boulez when he conducted us for the BBC Singer and we went on tour with him to France and to Italy, which also gave us a concert in La Scala. My singing teacher, Heather Harper, worked as a soloist with him a lot.

  2. Theodore McGuiver says:

    Shouldn’t it be ‘Passes the baton’?

  3. the guy on the left looks so happy

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