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Orchestra loses two bassoonists in one concert

To lose one would be unfortunate. Two starts to look like a stampede…

Principal Chris Cooper has been with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra for around three years. Robert Walker (no. 2 & Contra) has out in 40 seasons. Both called it quits after Bournemouth’s Prom last week. We wish them well.

bournemouth bassoonists

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  1. harold braun says:

    I remenber the New York Philharmonic on tour 2005.Vincent Penzarella,2nd trumpet,had just retired.Bob Sullivan,associate principal,had left for Cleveland.And Philip Smith,principal trumpet,couldn’t go on tour because of hernia surgery.So,Thomas Smith,4th and utility trumpet,found himself in the principal chair(the tour included Mahler 5 and ,Rosenkavalier Suite and Don Juan,among others!).The rest of the section was made up of substitute players.They did really great!

    • John Colvin says:

      “Stampede” is, I feel, a bit unfair. Bob Walker has, as you say, spent his entire playing career with the band.
      The BSO does more touring than most orchestras: at least one “away” concert each week, often returning to Poole in the early hours of the morning. This, and perhaps finance, probably explains why some players don’t stay too long.

      The fiddle sections are predominantly young and female: at least one difference, then, between this band and the Wiener Philharmoniker!

  2. Sorry to see them go. I was recording the BSO not so long ago and they played so very well. The BSO has great personality as well as history.

  3. There is always someone to take your place in life when you go – that’s reality!!

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