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No joke: Jonas Kaufmann to play for Australia

Now listen up, possums.

Things may look a bit bleak on the cricket pitch, but the baggy greens have snagged a feather to put in their cap.

Jonas Kaufmann, the hottest tenor on the planet, is flying out to give two concerts in Melbourne and Sydney a year from now, as part of Opera Australia’s new season. It’s early in August, so no Euro festival appearances for big Jo.

The rest of Lydon Terracini’s OA programme is strictly bread-and-butter operas. You might be better off watching the Ashes.


jonas kaufmann

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  1. Andrea Katz says:

    You have to buy a subscription first, otherwise no ticket for Kaufmann concerts…

    • Incorrect. From 23 August you have been able to subscribe for 2014 and add the Kaufmann concert at 10% discount ($131–$329.) From 23 September Kaufmann tickets are available to the general public ($145–$365.)

  2. David Boxwell says:

    Since he sliced prosciutto when he was in Italy, I demand that he be filmed playing the didgeridoo when he’s there! Nothing less adorable than that, please!

  3. John Caderz says:

    Which means we won’t see the rumored Netrebko/Kaufmann/Domingo Trovatore next summer.

  4. Marguerite Foxon says:

    I knew the big N would have to slide a snide remark in there about Opera Australia somewhere.

    • ILoveOpera says:

      Marguerite, have a look at the OA offering and see if you could pick three to go to – and you have to do at least that to get a Kaufmann ticket.The King and I (with no opera singers) is 30% of the offering. So much for lovers of voice in OZ. Thankfully there are some young companies emerging to fill the gap and NZ Opera is also producing good stuff.

      • “30% of the offering” is rather misleading as, apart from The King and I, there are 14 different opera productions: most opera-goers would not find it too difficult to pick just 3 out of the 14!!

        Also, what’s wrong with OA playing a couple of long seasons of The King and I in Melbourne and Sydney? It’s a hugely successful and popular production of one of the great musicals and the likely sell-outs will surely help subsidise the opera shows.

        It’s interesting to see Dido and Aeneas, Eugene Onegin, Falstaff and Otello described as “strictly bread-and-butter operas” !

        Whatever they do, OA and Mr Terracini seem stuck with their unnecessarily polarised enemies.

  5. basically got my OA subscription on the first day just to secure my kaufmann tix.

    A reserve is $330 and B Reserve is $220 (without 10% subscriber discount), you have no other options. but hey…it’s kaufmann.

  6. Good for Jonas. To my ear, he is to voice was Heifetz was to the violin.

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