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New viral video: How Mercedes killed Hitler

It’s a submission by the Baden-Württemberg film academy …. and it has racked up two million views in a week. Anyone identify the music?
mercedes hitler

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  1. Allen Sinclaire says:

    So, Norman, you think that music existed before this film was made? Really? I would be very curious too… but in my humble opinion, it reeks of your basic TV ad music and surely nothing any of us should recognize or be able to label at all. Correct me if I am wrong …

  2. Martin Bookspan says:

    The opening bass pizzicato is the theme of the Russian Sailors’ Dance from Gliere’s Ballet, “The Red Poppy”.

    But I have no ides what the following music is.

  3. James Brinton says:

    Who says Germans lack a sense of humor?

    • I do.

    • Rainer Mockert says:

      Yes, we have humor, which is different and depending from which area the people are. Here in the south it is a dark humor, often very sarcastic. Interesting is that there is a younger generation of stand up comedians (we call them Kabarettisten) with an immigration back ground. The ones from Bavaria, partly with a heavy Bavarian akzent, have also very dark humor. It seems that their hero is Karl Valentin, who was brilliant, One of his movies was called “Die Orchesterprobe” (Rehearsal of an Orchestra), which was then later done again by Frederico Fellini in a film. Bertolt Brecht was a huge fan of him. When the SA tried to force him not play Mendelson music before his show starts, because his music was forbidden under the Nazis, he answered: Then you have to switch of the light, the asked: Why?, Valentin said: Edison was also a Jew. The SA left and Valentin played the Mendelson.
      Edison was not Jewish, but the Valentin’s trick worked.

  4. The music most likely is the work of a student from the same academy as well.

  5. Mark Shulgasser says:

    What a laugh!

  6. though i wonder if it hadn’t been Hitler, it might just as easily been someone else filling his place.
    Huge resentment over the unfairness (whether real or perceived) of the Treaty of Versailles created a fertile ground for the National Socialists.

    • Michael Schaffer says:

      There is a very funny novel by Stephen Fry called “Making History” which plays through that scenario. A physicist and a historian find a way to make sure Hitler was never born. They have serious doubts as to whether they should tamper with history but they think in this case, since Hitler caused so much suffering, it is justified to do so.
      I don’t want to give too much away in case you want to read the novel, but basically, the guy who comes into power instead of Hitler is just as ruthless but a little less crazy and more calculating, so he avoids making some of the big mistakes Hitler made and the world the two now find themselves in and the history that they changed turned out even worse…

  7. On some levels, this video has some distant historical correlations to someone who was from Württemberg. A carpenter born in Hermaringen named Johann Georg Elser tried to assassinate Hitler in 1939 during a speech he gave at the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich. Hitler left early and thus missed the bomb Elser had left there. World War II had already begun, but without Hitler it might have ended much more quickly and saved around 50 million lives. Elser was arrested hours after his attempt and executed shortly before the war ended. He said he made his attempt in an effort to save lives. After the war, Elser’s was largely forgotten, but in the 1990s Munich erected a small monument to him. It would have been an even more interesting video if they had portrayed Elser as driving.

    • Gurnemanz says:

      99.99% percent of the people in any country of the world would not recognize Elser if their lives depended on it.

      • Michael Schaffer says:

        Well, Elser was played in a movie by the famous Austrian actor Klaus Maria Brandauer (who also was a Bond villain!), so if he was behind the wheel, at least some people in Germany and Austria might make the connection.

  8. Albert Lee says:

    I don’t think they needed to mention they weren’t affiliated with Mercedes. They wouldn’t be stupid enough to make something like this.

  9. Isle of the Dead, Op. 29

    The spot is a terribly sophomoric and tasteless one however.

  10. Someone actually did run over Hitler. Unfortunately, with less fatal consequences. See end of first paragraph:

  11. Gurnemanz says:

    It seems I am the only one that felt outright uncomfortable after seeing this…Someone even mentioned a sense of humor. I can not imagine what could be funny in this clip. To me that boy run over by a car is still a boy run over by a car. This film is, in my opinion, a mere exercise in arrogant hindsight-driven (self-)righteousness that present generations are all to willing to indulge in.

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