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New video: Thought you’d seen the last opera flashmob? Nope, the Finns just got it…

It’s Finnish National Opera, in front of Ben and Jerry’s. Phishfood all round.

finnish national

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  1. Ignatius J. Reilly says:

    This kind of skit is getting more and more boring, less and less creative… By the way, is it still a flashmob when there are more musicians performing than people watching ?

  2. this has to be the most boring rendition of Carmen experts ever heard! The singers aren’t too good either – I’d rather be eating the ice cream than listening to this!

  3. Oh Pooh! I enjoyed it.

  4. Pure delight. Found myself grinning from ear to ear, my heart lifted with pure joy. Lighten up, Ignatius and bored, there are many things to be grumpy about in life, this performance isn’t one of them.

  5. I’m with Leslie and James (and, for the record, I am a conductor). These players and singers have succeeded in bringing something they obviously love to people who may have never experienced Bizet’s wonderful music, either live or on recording. Rather than fewer such flash mobs, as Ignatius implores, I truly believe that we need more. This harkens back to the days of Mozart and before, when town bands gathered together to serenade passers-by with all of the latest “hit tunes” from the operas of the day. Play (and sing) on!

  6. How many bored looking people did you see in the video?
    How many happy looking people?
    I felt happy watching it & am sure I would have more fun participating in this flash mob than being on a stage performing it.
    I hope ice cream will help melt away any negativity.
    Cheers! 😊

  7. Marianne Tapper says:

    Things like this make me proud to be a Finn …:D

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