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New video: A suite on Stravinsky’s sources for the Rite of Spring

The composer and violist Ljova Zhurbin has been preoccupied for some while with the folk sources of the Rite. This summer, he developed a suite of his own on the original themes.

Here’s his argument. And here’s the piece. You saw it first on Slipped Disc.

ljova zhurbin

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  1. I am not an expert in any way and am just a music-lover.
    Elemental, raw, primeval, provocative.
    The beginning parts seem to be wanting which are saved by the entry of the voice-
    from then onwards, the central ideas become more clear, again well-supported by the voice to end with a re-echo of the main theme.
    Such music should be encouraged–music is seamless and every age seeks to find its own voice.
    My best wishes.
    Peter, Melb, Australia

  2. stanley cohen says:

    I’m sorry but in the words of the Professor of Composition to an enthusiastic but talentless student after examining some of his work, “Your music will be remembered when that of Mozart and Bach is forgotten – and not before.”

    • Shavuos Tov says:

      well, since so considerably few people actually remember who Bach & Mozart were, let alone their music, I think the moment of the Professor’s description is actually quite near. That, and the Professor was clearly none too gracious.

      I enjoyed the excerpts (this is not the whole piece, it seems) – they’re a fresh take on “Rite” material, rather than so many of the literal transcriptions of Stravinsky’s piece we’ve seen this year.

  3. with the folk influences laid bare like that, it some times reminds me of prokofiev…

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