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Mahler winner replaces Kurt Masur in season opener

Lahav Shani, surprise winner of the Mahler conducting competition in Bamberg, will stand in for┬áKurt Masur in the Israel Philharmonic’s┬áseason-opener. It’s a huge date, the first subscription concert in the renovated Mann Auditorium, and he will conduct Mahler’s first symphony.

lahav shani

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  1. He’s the local boy. Not such a big deal.

    • I cann`t agree with you. Lahav Shani is very deserving young musician. We are proud of him!!!

  2. Sink or swim?

  3. I didn’t say he didn’t deserve the chance to shine or am questioning his talent. Would be more significant if the Israel Philharmonic booked him in his own right for a subscription, rather than a cancellation. Maybe they have. But the headline makes too big a deal of the situation.

  4. Daniel Burton says:

    If you look at the IPOD website they’ve given him what looks like seven concerts! And my understanding is that they don’t actually use that many ‘local boys’, tending to go for big names. So it seems a pretty huge deal to me! Good luck to him, anyway.

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