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Just in: Music biz chief drafted onto English Arts Council

One of five new non-execs on the National Council of the ACE is David Joseph, UK chair of Universal Music. Whether a non-exec can knock any sense into an organisation paralysed by self-importance remains to be seen. None has yet succeeded, but we live in hope.

Click here for the full National Council.

david joseph

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  1. A quick read of his biography suggests no background in classical music or the arts at all. Is experience of managing pop-stars what the ACE really needs ?

  2. As the world changes so does our art. And a person who woke up after sleeping for 100 years would have trouble coming to terms with the world today. It has simply changed so much. For most people much non-classical music is right at the top of value in their lives. It is mostly crafted by dedicated artists and enjoyed by serious listeners. It is great to see a broadening of the Arts Council to better reflect the reality of our contemporary arts tastes.

    In any case being in charge of Universal Music would surely refute the claim of “no background in classical music or the arts at all”.

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