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John Zorn has his 60th birthday party in Germany

The iconic, iconoclastic New York musician will be blowing out the candles next week in a Long John Zorn Night at the ARD radio festival, a six-hour marathon of performance and improvisation. Zorn has sparked more trends, ideas and act, across more genres, than any other muso in Manhattan. His big birthday is Sept 2.

There’s a Zorn@60 fest back home, but it’s rather diffuse and the media awareness minimal.


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  1. Alan Penner says:

    Good to see him playing on! What a marvelous musician Zorn is.

  2. Keith McCarthy says:


    Thanks so very much for posting these two concerts of Zorn’s in Europe, where he is lionized. The “Songs” concert is gorgeous, just beautiful singing and playing throughout.

    While Zorn is legendary in the realm of Free Jazz many don’t know of his melodic gifts, particularly his writing for singers. Your posting will help to rectify this.

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