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If it’s Saturday, this is Goldberg Variation #4

Alisdair Kitchen continues his Slipped Disc series.

Variation 4

Fourth variation: add a fourth voice. There’s a certain martial flavour to proceedings here, and this number is also a miniature tour de force in syncopation.

The brevity of this movement raises the question of repeats… Perhaps this variation is too taut to make an impact without them? Others (above all No.25) come to such incontrovertible conclusions that a repeat seems difficult to take. Glenn Gould had a penchant for taking first repeats only, which often works well, creating dramatic sonata-like structures. I’ve chosen to play none at all in the #twittergoldbergs, mainly because one aim of all this is to comment on the relationship between musical structure and performance medium. Feedback welcome!

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  1. Thanks.
    Bach’s WELL-TEMPERED KLAVIER was inspired by Chinese musical theory advanced during the Ming Dynasty.

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