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Hard bop jazz pianist is dead

We are receiving reports of the death this morning of Cedar Walton, a former member of Art Blakey’s band who composed in a highly individual style. He died at home in Brooklyn, aged 79.

cedar walton

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  1. Keith Charles Edwards says:

    I just learned. God took another one home. Grant him rest eternal.

    • Louise Fischer says:

      I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Cedar Walton. I knew him as a wonderful person and musician, and good friend to my former husband. At our wedding, Cedar presented us with a very high tech blender/food processor. He enjoyed meals with us in New York, and knew I liked to cook. I’m sorry I don’t have that kitchen utensil, it was the one thing I would have liked to have been able to keep as part of the property division. Cedar was a great guy!

  2. Cedar not only was a brilliant pianist, but a first rate jazz composer whose tunes often became standards for us to play… Firm Roots, Bolivia, Midnight Waltz, Hand in Glove, Ugetsu, the list goes on and on. And a class guy, too. I will miss him.

    • darryl hall says:

      Cudos Bill! The Maestro, Mosaic, Iron Clad, Ojos de Rojos, etc. Cedar was over here in France at the end of July. While he still had his sense of humor, he did appear weak and not as robust as when I toured with him last November in Italy. Lovely Martha was always there by his side. His rich and wide musical personality is well documented for us to remember him by. Peace unto “the Maestro”….

  3. I was fortunate to get to meet Cedar when I was 20, and he was an inspiration and one of my biggest influences as a player and composer. I got a chance to work with him on a transcription book project of some of his compositions, which was a great honor. He was always gracious, kind, and supportive and his presence will be sorely missed. We love you Cedar! Thank you for all you’ve give to the music, and to us as a community.

  4. Roy McCurdy says:

    Sorry to hear about the death of Cedar Walton, He gave us such great music, and so many of his compositions became standards. i had the pleasure of working with Cedar on a tour Through Euorpe with JJ Johnson’s band with Nat Adderley, Harold Land,and Richard Davis. A great lost for all jazz lovers.
    Roy McCurdy

  5. singh massey uptegrow says:

    love you all > god bless. SINGH

  6. Cristina Lopez Dupuy says:

    Roy, I remember that tour. I was travelling with you guys. Cedar will live forever in our hearts.

  7. Eric alexander says:

    Cede was an absolute genius and a warm hearted man who contributed so very much to modern jazz music. Any one who ever heard him play or had the
    Great honor to share the bandstand with him is a better person for that experience. He will be missed so much, it’s really incalculable. RIP Generali– we all are
    missing you terribly. With much love– EA

  8. My sympathies to Cedar’s family and many friends and musical associates. He will be missed. I had the honor
    of knowing him for over 60 years. We use to live just four blocks apart in Dallas, Texas. There has never been a better jazz pianist and composer than brother Walton. He has left us with some of the best music of the past several decades. I will never forget his genius and generosity. I am glad that I had him as a friend.

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