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Ethical? Young Musicians Trust offers sub-minimal wage

If you are a senior pupil who is planning to take a gap year, you may be interested to learn that Berkshire Maestros offers job opportunities to gap year students. For the next academic year, we wish to appoint up to four full-time vacancies within our busy finance, administration and music centre offices at Stoneham Court, Tilehurst, Reading. Would you be interested in joining us from September 2013 to July 2014?

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  1. But it’s not sub-minimum wage in the 18-20 age bracket at which this role is aimed. Minimum wage is age-dependent and this is a perfectly legal rate to pay someone aged under 21. The U-21 minimum wage goes up by 5p in October and they acknowledge this too.
    It’s perfectly legal. It’s not exactly generous, but arguably better than some of the completely unpaid junior jobs masquerading as ‘internships’ in many UK arts organisations. As to whether paying admin staff the lowest possible salary is unethical: welcome to UK arts sector.

  2. You would think that arts organisations, of all ‘people’, would recognise that a high ethical standard needs to be set when employing young people. I hate to be bureaucratic, but maybe some ethical guidelines would be in order?

  3. Halldor, I have to agree with you, at least it is a chance to earn more than the “sandwich and travel expenses” offered by so many London agencies and it is also apparently a year long contract (whereas many of these internships are only 3 or 6 months.) A good chance to get some decent experience on a CV and earn some money, albeit not a fortune. For a locally based youngster who has just done A-levels, perfect opportunity.

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