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Dude’s space odyssey is a cache and Karajan

You don’t have to be a collector of movie memorabilia to recognise DG’s promo for Gustavo Dudamel’s debut release with the Berlin Philharmonic. It’s straight out of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey on which Decca struck gold with a 1959 Karajan Vienna soundtrack. Presumably, DG are trying to tell us something. See if you can work out what.
dudamel cd

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  1. Peter Thomas says:

    Do the team at DG want Gustavo to replace Rattle?

  2. James Ar. says:

    Strange that even with an HD video and “promo clip” look, it was still extremely boring to watch/listen. DG is going down the drain …

    • Completely agree. What’s the point of this video? They must have been completely spaced out when they came up with that idea….!

  3. Fabio Fabrici says:

    Nietzsches subtitle for Zarathustra:
    “Für Alle und Keinen.”
    (For all and no-one)

    The recycled promo clip transports that motto well.

  4. Robert Kenchington says:

    DG want Dudamel to succeed Rattle. Dudamel will wave about and look pretty for the video while the orchestra – now back from the dying embers of EMI, plays Karajan’s performance for the CD. The equation? Lots of ‘product’ to make pots of dosh for the BPO and DG. Am I being too cynical? I fear not…

  5. Gladys E. Villarroel says:

    In my humble opinion, DG is tryng to mix powerful images from Kubrick´s masterpiece, brilliantly associated with Strauss´ music, with Dudamel´s youth and vigor .

  6. Ignacio Martínez-Ybor says:

    NO. Please, let it be no. It should be Thielemann.

    • itrinkkeinwein says:

      Why would Thielemann want to step down from Dresden to Berlin?

      • Why would Berlin want Theilemann?

        • Fabio Fabrici says:

          That’s a good question. I would suppose mainly for his musical abilities in the core German repertoire (at the price of underachievement in almost any other repertoire). And for his media and sales appeal to German and Asian audiences, which is bigger than Dudamel’s I think.

      • Fabio Fabrici says:

        Naaa, anyone who knows both orchestras really well can’t really say that. Very different beasts. Both have their unique qualities. BPO is still quite a bit better regarding the average technical capability of each of it’s members on all tutti desks. Also they are much better positioned in the group of younger players they could attract while Dresden might develop a generation problem, which is because their homogenous group style depends much on home grown talent, and they fail to develop that these days sufficiently, unlike Vienna where the system appears to be working well enough.

  7. I can’t type what I really think about this…

    My sympathy to those fantastic musicians in Berlin, Vienna & LA.

  8. Couldn’t they come up with something a little more original? Even the special FX look dated.

  9. Roberto Gonzalez says:

    Meh… boring and third-rate… completely superficial… Orchestra conducting managements are selling conductors like sausage, but, maybe, that’s exactly what they are… mystery meat????

    • Fabio Fabrici says:

      Sure, but people like sausages and buy and eat them in masses. Only very few dissidents require to know, what exactly is in their sausages.

  10. I too don’t get what DG thinks they will get out of this. First, those who remember well Kubrick’s ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ soundtrack are already not the target market that DG wants to reach with this. Remember, that film was released in 1968…45 years ago!!! What relevance does making a connection with an old film, albeit classic, have to do with intelligent marketing, especially when it isn’t actually relevant for the targetted market? It has nothing to do with intelligent nor original marketing! Dudamel doesn’t need this outdated hackneyed treatment. The recording should be promoted in a more original way, not by copying something that was done 45 years ago and that few of today’s generation would understand or even appreciate. The only connection between ‘Also Sprach Zarathoustra’ and images of planets and outer space comes from Kubrick’s film, which this is not the soundtrack for. If somebody wants the soundtrack and is so interested in the film, then they can buy that without any problem.
    Once again DG shows that it doesn’t have a clue about marketing and needs to rely on old concepts that make them look unoriginal and lacking any sense of cutting edge marketing or any sense of commercial imagination. I personally am not impressed and found the video clip extremely boring and looking like something out of the 70′s.

  11. I don’t get Dudamel at all. He gets older and older and yet he’s still a prodigious young conductor, which is to say, naive, energetic, unsophisticated, unstructured and overt.

    It will be great to see his youthful energy and enthusiasm continue as he gets older and even more annoying and distracting.

    You can hear his humanity and background of service to social causes in his poverty stricken homeland in all his crap performances. Hopefully he can lead the BPO from 2018 till he dies in 2050 when Justin is US President in his fourth term.

    • Rgiarola says:

      …and people will go to bed happy, because the world is safe at least till 2050, due to be full of enthusiasm and distractions.

      Nice Words Charles…

  12. I think it’s quite funny to read comments here, where…
    - some believe they know more about strategies of marketing classical music/-artists than the folks at DGG.
    - posters post comments on how bad this video is, when in fact their very own post are proof of the videos success, e.i. if you know anything about marketing… :-) You don’t have to like it, but the message is there with you…

    From reading these comments I’m sure this video sofar has been a 100% success. DGG has implemented the message – Dudamel conducts the BPO for the first time on disc in what possibly can be of historic importance. Congratulations DGG!

    • Fabio Fabrici says:

      “- posters post comments on how bad this video is, when in fact their very own post are proof of the videos success, e.i. if you know anything about marketing… You don’t have to like it, but the message is there with you…”

      I got the message that the label with the yellow sign got a new CD on the market by a guy which I’m not particularly interested to hear conduct Strauss, and where this clip left me shaking my head, wondering what it’s supposed to achieve. I was also thinking in that moment if that pure boredom and lack of creativity is what DG puts into their marketing, their actual products can’t be much more interesting either. Next time I will skip the yellow label quicker, when looking for an interesting recording in the CD store shelf (Yes I still buy CDs in CD stores). So in my case this clip was a marketing disaster. I concluded from it, that I for sure will avoid this CD.
      I’m bothering to write this just in case you are the guy who created that clip for DG or are the suit in the management who nodded for it’s release.

    • James Ar. says:

      “posters post comments on how bad this video is, when in fact their very own post are proof of the videos success, e.i. if you know anything about marketing… :-) You don’t have to like it, but the message is there with you…”

      Marketing, or let’s say, good marketing, is supposed to lead to a sale, and I will most definitely not buy this one.

      • Yes, you’re right here – sales is what really counts. But since CD/DL are not soled from someone knocking at your door, but rather after a first initiative from the customer (or maybe after impulses from reviews/hearsays/recommendations/live concerts), you have to work on increasing customer awareness, to create demand if you will. I think DGG is doing that and that they got their message through with this video. Others obviousely not.

        The latter group are most likely not reachable for DGG sales efforts anyway, due to their (hmmm…) conservative attitude / strong willpower / big knowledge. They don’t need marketing stuff to make their buying decisions. Most likely they are also too small a group to carry any significant number of sales (or at least enough sales) to maintain this industry. So this group need the sales from expended marketing to have a resonable continious choice in the market.

        Sales is of course what counts, but marketing will to some degree also incorporate some consumer information and thereby risks going the other way. Nothing wrong with that. Take me and the new DG sub-label (was it Panorama? – the dance thing…) Electronic computer dance stuff is not my thing, so this bransch of DG is forever closed for me. I will not touch it and I will not be able to comment on it either. But I won’t close any doors… I can count to 10 upcoming DG/Decca-releases standrad-repertoire that interests me based on DGs unparalleled artist rooster. Well – then take Fabio above, he seems to have a similar firm position but with Strauss/Dudamel. He has some strong views and draws long-going conclusions (like no DG, no matter what!), based on what? The marketing of Strauss/Dudamel you don’t like anyway? I think that’s a foolish position to take. There is a lot to be missed. A not very “musical” position I think. Frankly I think Fabio will continue to be well-informed of what DG does now and in the future! That’s a natural part of being interested in classical music and -recordings. Even if some odd routes obviousely are taken.

        • Fabio Fabrici says:

          I will be interested in future recordings from anyone. If DG happens to produce and record some good music, then I will be interested. But when I see a concert recording of Dudamel in Berlin me and many other people wonder: why would DG have decided to do this recording upfront, and live?
          Well, probably because live recording is cheapest to produce a CD and because the Dude conducting the BPhO carries some sales potential.
          So as a coincidence there might be still some good music on that CD, but likely it is not, because it was not what was behind the reason to do this CD.

          There is an inherent idiotism to big corporation, where they forget what the core of their product actually is. In case of DG it is music recordings. Does DG output a lot of CDs that are produced as good as possible?
          No they don’t. They produce as cheap as possible and try to stick old glory fairy dust (and pictures of dead space) to it and big names on the cover.

          When even great artists- and DG no doubt still has some of the greatest artists on it’s roster – are not produced with music in mind but only with sales, then the “sales is what really counts” strategy is a simply stupid one. What REALLY counts is the quality image and reputation of DG, because that is what sold most of it’s CDs in the past.
          Only good sales count – those who are not achieved on the cost of DG’s reputation, but instead help to fortify it.
          If only sales count, then sell ringtones for mobile phones. Much more profitable.

  13. More than not make us buy the CD, it’ll make us less likely to buy others and also make us walk about town saying how sh*thouse DGG is to other people. It’s not naughty, nefarious, bad boy press, wink wink – it’s an old fashioned crappy product. Wow. Front-page splash, drunken sex shock-horror sells millions! Wrong decade/genre. Roflcopterwtfmenswearfail.

  14. itrinkkeinwein says:

    This is like one of those tacky old TELARC covers.

    The typography is also of TELARC quality.

    Look at the featured font. The spacing for “ZA” is out of balance with the “AT”; the “AL” spacing ought to match the “AR” due to the full left vertical on the second letter, and it does not; the “TH” and “TR” do not match each other either. Zoom at Amazon to verify.

  15. Rgiarola says:

    A topic with Dudamel, BPO and DG? I love it! What a tremendous potential for polemical discussions or even clashes here. Perhaps mpre than 180 comments.

    Does any record company is so important to and orchestra nowadays, as it used to be on 1959? Can we consider DG Lobbying along BPO so powerful in order to inflict a MD on 2018?. For me, It is sound like Paramount Pictures trying to inflict Andy Garcia as the main role in a new Spielberg project. DreamWorks and Stacey Snider used to work for Paramount in the past , far way and long time ago.

    • Fabio Fabrici says:

      Media outreach certainly was a major factor in the BPO’s decision for it’s new chief conductor since Karajan made it “the” leading media orchestra in the world.

  16. Michael Schaffer says:

    The Karajan recording was used in the movie but Decca did not allow the performers to be credited, apparently because they felt that an association with the movie was below their dignity. The soundtrack album actually featured Böhm’s DG recording.
    When Decca realized they had made a mistake, they tried to cash in on the success of the movie by re-releasing the Karajan recording with this terrible cover

    and a sticker which said “As featured in 2001″ or something like that.

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