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‘Despotic’ orchestra manager is Serbia’s new minister of culture

Ivan Tasovac’s stellar rise continues. He has gone from bullying conductors¬†at the Belgrade Philharmonic to putting a concertmaster in Playboy to, finally, a seat in government. All this without being a member of a political party, but having a powerful twitter finger.


Ivan Tasovac W

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  1. Gurnemanz says:

    He’ll find the philistinism of his fellow ministers a far greater obstacle then the lack of funds. Though he is qualified for the post(for a change) there is little reason to be optimistic about his tenure.

  2. I don’t mean to be shallow but wow, that’s a frightful picture.

  3. Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

    Given the history of the Balkans, and Serbia in particular, this is not the first despot in a position of power.

    • Very strange comment mr. Brenninkmeyer. Don`t know which `democratic` country you are from, but I am certan that you probably have a longer list of despots in the history overthere.
      And make sure that your `history of the Balkans` is something not to be counted for.

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