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Youtube’s favourite pianist changes the concert rules in NY

Valentina Lisitsa is asking the audience what they want her to play at her New York solo debut recital in October.

Vote here.

Yellow Lounge - Valentina 3

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  1. Emil Archambault says:

    We cannot read your mail. Henceforth the second link does not work.

  2. So she’s giving you a choice among three fully-developed programs. At least she has thought how to put a compelling program together, but isn’t exactly taking requests (in which case I’d vote for Frederick Rzweski’s The People United Shall Never be Defeated).

  3. Zolpenstein says:

    Not only a musical genius, but a business-woman looking into the future, someone ahead of her time. She can be sublime interpreting Romanticism, AND can make tons of money, as well. This is fantastic!

  4. Carter S. Pawlus says:

    Anyone of Valentina’s musical stature who mortgages her home to get those extraordinary Rachmaninoff CD’s made and published deserves any monies she may earn in the future. Just so she continues her playing and shows the world what can be created musically. She WILL go down in history as one of the worlds great, if not the greatest, pianists in talent, ability and interpretation in our time. As a music professor in Brazil wrote, “Horowitz is gone, long live Valentina Lisitsa”!

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