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What the doctors are telling Domingo

1 You’re 72. Slow down.

2 You’ve had a pulmonary embolism in the lungs. We caught it in time. Don’t risk another. Crossing the Atlantic a dozen times a year is the surest way we know to get a DVT. Think about it. Cut the air miles.

3 Singing is what you do. Carry on as long as you like. The rest is unecessary. You don’t have to conduct operas just because they want to put your name front of house.

4 Stress kills.Get rid of it. Why are you running Los Angeles Opera at your age?

5 How old was Pavarotti when he died? 71. Think about it

Any further questions?


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  1. PK Miller says:

    I’m almost 70 & my Drs. tell me the same thing! Domingo is also the man who supposedly said, “When I cant sing any more I will conduct!” Like I have said before, HOGWASH! How indeed, can we keep from singing?

    Sing, Placido, hermano. SING. It’s what you do, gloriously. The Drs. are right: that kind of cross-continental travel is a killer. I almost wrecked my health like that re 35 years ago. And I then worse a younger man’s clothes! Placido sings more gloriously than ever. So, SING!!! And yeah–forget LA Opera. There are qualified administrators out there who can devote their full time to its management and/or artistic endeavors. They don’t need a “name” on their marquee. Conducting occasionally is fine. But, again, SING. I will probably sing at my own funeral if, my Partner of 33+ years insists I will forget to come to it since I’ve forgotten everything else!

    I believe “Placido” means peace–remember nada of my 1 year of high school Spanish! So peace, Placido. Take your Drs’ orders–they sometimes do know what’s best!

  2. “How old was Pavarotti when he died? 71. Think about ”
    questionable advice as the two aren’t comparable in body weight.

  3. I love opera because of Placido Domingo. Let’s have you around a bit more, Mr. Domingo! I wish him a speedy recovery–and as many years of singing as a baritone (then bass?) as he wishes. Last appearances in public–in 2041, as the narrator in Schönberg’s GURRELIEDER!

  4. Vittorio Parisi says:

    Pavarotti died of cancer, where is the relationship? A lot of friends died when they retired

  5. Francine says:

    Placido Domingo……looks as if he should think about being Placido Lunes, Placido Martes and the rest of the week!

  6. Mark Stratford says:

    Also Domingo had a bout with cancer ( colon? ) just a couple of years ago.

  7. Placido Domingo only crosses the Atlantic a dozen times a year? Sounds low to me.

  8. He is a smart man with a sensible and loving wife and family. He does not need us to interfere in his life. He should do what makes him happy and that is singing and conducting. Live every day to the fullest like there is going to be no tomorrow. I wish him a speedy recovery. He definitely need lots of rest for a few weeks but after that I wish him many, many more years of singing and conducting or whatever he wants to do with his life – of course, as a fan I say – sing, please….

  9. Marguerite Foxon says:

    If he takes doctors and other peoples advice and stops singing and conducting he will die – its his lifeblood, reason for living, its what gives him joy and energy. Do what you want to do Placido and go on living life to the full.

  10. Theodore McGuiver says:

    He’ll live longer working than sitting in a wing chair by the fire.

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