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This is what awaits the royal baby…

I visited St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington this afternoon. It was difficult to get through the main entrance for all the camera crews and stills snappers who were crowding the entrance. They represent all major media from many countries, most profusely the UK and US networks.

But nothing has happened. Nothing may happen for a while. Doctors, nurses and patients go about their business bemused that while every penny of health care has to be counted seven times over, the mass media are blowing a fortune in personnel and equipment costs on, literally, nothing. The expectant mother is in a different county.

When the baby is born they will be the last to know.



royal baby

If you have media stock, sell.

photo (c) Lebrecht Music&Arts

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  1. And when my wife was in the hospital delivering our first baby (a son) Norman, did you come visit her?

  2. Halldor says:

    As nothing compared to the ongoing media death-watch in South Africa, by all accounts.

  3. Mark Stratford says:

    == ongoing media death-watch in South Africa

    Private Eye mag, in their most recent edition took a punt they Mandela had died by the time copy had reached the shelves and so did a load of spoof appreciations.

    Fell a bit flat really.

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