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Weirder still…. what’s this on top of the classical charts?

A British man won Wimbledon…. Well, by the law of averages it had to happen some time before Great Birnam Wood came to Dunsinane again.

But an accordion on top of the UK classical charts? I don’t think I can take much more…. (press release follows)


  • 23-year-old Lithuanian hits the top spot with debut Decca album
  • Martynas triumphs despite competition from other established artists
  • Makes a giant stride in mission to “break boundaries” with the accordion


Martynas Levickis has made history by becoming the first ever accordionist to reach the top of the Classical Artist Album Charts. It is a staggering achievement for the 23-year-old Lithuanian, considering his debut effort has beaten off stiff competition to the top spot.


Martynas, a former accordion World Cup champion who won Lithuania’s Got Talent while studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London, unleashed his self-titled Decca debut album on July 1st. It is a collection of show-stopping numbers, where a unique arrangement of Lady Gaga’s Telephone is set alongside an exotic mix of styles, featuring gypsy dances, tango, classic French movie themes, Latin American rhythms and the music of Bach and Vivaldi.


Thanks to the breadth and depth of his musical tastes, abundant showmanship and natural charisma, Martynas is perfectly placed to catapult the accordion into the 21st Century. His weekly series of YouTube videos #SundaySqueezesees him cover chart hits from the likes of Daft Punk and Robin Thicke, and has won him thousands of new admirers who have been captivated by his inimitable style.


Martynas said, “The accordion has never received so much attention in the UK in one week! I believe it’s because my album is breaking through to people’s hearts and its music speaks for itself. It’s the music that one could never expect to hear on accordion and I am very happy for everyone now to be able to hear it in this way!


Paul Moseley, Managing Director of Decca Classics said, “Martynas is a talented and charming young man on a mission. This is just the start. Classical accordion is set to be the sound of the summer!

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  1. Timon Wapenaar says:

    Of all the accordionists out there Decca chose this one? And the repertoire… *yawn*: “Ay seu ti pego” – give me a break; “Hava nagila” – really? really? and REALLY?; “Albinoni’s” adagio – WTFF? This does more harm than good as far as the recent revival of interest in the instrument goes.

    • Timon, have you listened to this before commenting? it’s just that I don’t see Albinoni’s Adagio here.

      • Timon Wapenaar says:

        There I go again… no, of course you are completely right. It seems that in my horror/rage/anguish, Bach’s Aria and the adagio in question merged into a single entity of overplayedness. Anyway, the copy is interesting too. Shouldn’t “Classical accordion is set to be the sound of the summer!” read “Our A&R guys picked this from the ‘Flash in Pan/Make a Quick Buck’ pile”?

  2. A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn’t.

  3. Nice when this sort of thing happens.
    Remember when the UK pop charts were topped by bagpipes (Mull of Kintyre in 1977) or a brass band (the floral dance) ?
    The good thing about the so-called “law of averages” is that on average lots of very unlikely things happen all the time, but on average very few people notice them. So the ones that get noticed look like statistical outliers.

  4. Juanita says:

    That’s the most uncool instrument there is… fine, tied with the pan-flute.

  5. Linda Grace says:

    The accordion quietly lives in Philadelphia, in Italian bakeries on the holidays. Also, for a brief time, we had
    the artist Lidia Kaminska, who seems to have retreated to the Ukraine.

  6. Just saying….we all talk about how to attract more people to concerts…and then the people speak by driving a disc like this up the charts, and we just make fun of them.

  7. robcat2075 says:

    There’s 52 weeks in a year. Let the accordion have one.

    It’s really no crazier than any other keyboard instrument.

  8. Patrick Gundry-White says:

    I heard Martynas play live on BBC Radio 3′s Intune last Wednesday night – he’s a very accomplished musician. I’ve loved the sound of the accordion for many years and like on any instrument it is the player who can transcend the ordinary. This young player can do it! I’ve met ridicule and derision for my love of the accordion and I’m not going to let negative snobbery have the last word.
    One of the hardest things to do is keep our ears open when listening to music and truly hear what’s being played.

  9. Tim Walton says:

    A vast improvement from having ‘KJ’ anywhere near the Classical charts!

  10. Let’s be realistic here. This has probably sold less than 500 copies this week. That’s all that it takes to get to number 1 on he classical charts at this time of year. Enough said about “stretching the boundaries of classical music’ “reaching a new audience” and so on. What a bunch of pretentious hogwash emanating form a bunch of pretentious suits who are justifying their corporate position.They have dumbed down music so much that no one wants it. .May I introduce you to “classical” music…Lady Gaga cover, Hava Nagila, and from this “artist’s” stable mate recycled 1990s dance trance nonsense.

  11. But…but…but…this is not classical. I mean, sure, it’s “classical,” but they’re all arrangements with added percussion to make them more palatable to the less discerning masses. Grumble. I do not think this should have been on the “classical” charts at all. “Crossover artist” fine, but “classical,” NO!

    • Jer, the criteria for the overall classical chart, where this album reach no.1, are broad. The chart includes Katherine Jenkins, Andre Rieu, and so on.
      You may be better pleased to know that this album did not make it into the so called Specialist classical chart, which contains what you might call Classical music.

  12. Craig Leon says:

    How did the guys at Decca miss this one?

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